Lowering churn and driving revenue for B2B SaaS companies

Our Inception

"My promise was never to have an unhappy client ever again”

This simple yet profound commitment became the foundation upon which Empra was built.
Over the past three years, our founders have dedicated themselves to working closely with over 200 B2B SaaS companies, guiding them in raising funds and scaling from pre-seed to Series B and C rounds.
Through this journey, they have witnessed the critical importance of customer success and the power of effective retention strategies. These elements significantly impact a company’s ability to secure capital and achieve consistent, sustainable growth.

This is why Empra was founded: to guide early-stage founders in prioritising customer success, enabling exceptional growth and lasting impact.


We empower B2B SaaS companies to thrive with custom-built customer success strategies and CRM solutions.

Our approach is data-driven and proactive, ensuring your clients receive unparalleled support and engagement. With Empra, expect reduced churn, increased upsell opportunities, and a unified customer journey.

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Why CS? Why SaaS?

SaaS companies do not have a clearly defined CS Strategy
Businesses that say improving CS is their TOP priority
Lost due to poor customer experience in the US alone
Growth of the SaaS market in the last 7 years

Value, Mission, Vision

Empra Consultancy, born in 2023, is a consultancy firm for early-stage B2B SaaS companies. We're a collective of thinkers, strategists, and doers, passionate about redefining the customer journey.


  • Client Centricity
  • Empowerment
  • Feedback as Fuel
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Integrity

Our mission is to help companies allow their customers to attain their desired outcome while having a great experience.


We envision a future where every B2B SaaS firm, especially the budding ones, sees customer success as their cornerstone.

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