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Embrace the opportunity to join the Empra team through our Open Applications. Ideal for self-driven individuals passionate about revolutionizing B2B SaaS customer success, regardless of your specialty.

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Job Description:

At Empra, we believe in the power of innovation and the impact of a dedicated team. While we may not have a specific role open, we're always on the lookout for talented individuals keen to contribute to our mission. Our Open Applications offer a unique chance to tell us where you think you fit. Whether you're in London or halfway across the globe, if you have the hustle, vision, and desire to make a difference in customer success, we want to hear from you.


  • We're looking for hustlers—dynamic doers who have shown they can take initiative, drive results, and embrace challenges head-on. Your history of being a proactive, results-oriented individual matters more to us than the length of your resume. If you've got a track record of rolling up your sleeves, diving into the unknown, and making a tangible impact, you're the kind of person we're seeking.
  • Strong problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • Excellent communication and teamwork abilities.
  • Adaptability and a willingness to learn and grow.
  • Passion for customer success and driving growth in a fast-paced environment.
Responsibilities :
  • Bring a proactive approach to problem-solving and innovation within your area of expertise.
  • Collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams to drive projects and initiatives.
  • Stay ahead of industry trends to continuously improve our strategies and solutions.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to customer success, contributing to our culture of excellence.
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